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AZ::ComponentConfig Class Reference

#include <ComponentBus.h>

Inherited by AZ::TransformConfig.

Public Member Functions

 AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR (ComponentConfig, SystemAllocator, 0)
 AZ_RTTI (ComponentConfig, "{0A7929DF-2932-40EA-B2B3-79BC1C3490D0}")

Detailed Description

Base class for component configurations. Components that accept a ComponentConfig can be configured in-game using code. To author a component that is runtime configurable: 1) Create a class which inherits from ComponentConfig. a) Write this class in a publicly available header file (ex: within an include/ folder). b) Add AZ_RTTI to this class. c) Put all properties that your component needs to be configured into this class. d) You might find it helpful to simply store an instance of the configuration class within your component, rather than having duplicate properties in each class. 2) Implement the ReadInConfig() function for your component. Set properties in your component, based on the properties in the configuration class. 3) Implement the WriteOutConfig() function for your component. Set properties in the config class, based on the properties in the component. 4) Reflect your configuration class to the appropriate contexts. BehaviorContext allows the configuration to be used from scripts. If your component stores an instance of the configuration within itself, reflect to the SerializeContext and EditContext to make the properties accessible in the Editor UI.

Components are not required to support a configuration class. The EditContext can expose a component's properties to the editor's UI regardless of whether the component has a configuration class.

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