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AZ::EventSchedulerSystemComponent Class Reference

This is scheduled event queue class to run all scheduled events at appropriate intervals. More...

#include <EventSchedulerSystemComponent.h>

Inherits AZ::Component, Handler, and Handler.

Public Member Functions

 AZ_COMPONENT (EventSchedulerSystemComponent,"{7D902EAC-A382-4530-8DE2-E7A3D7985DF9}")
void Activate () override
void Deactivate () override
void OnTick (float deltaTime, AZ::ScriptTimePoint time) override
int GetTickOrder () override
ScheduledEventHandleAddEvent (ScheduledEvent *scheduledEvent, TimeMs durationMs) override
void AddCallback (const AZStd::function< void()> &callback, const Name &eventName, TimeMs durationMs) override
AZStd::size_t GetHandleCount () const
AZStd::size_t GetFreeHandleCount () const
AZStd::size_t GetQueueSize () const
void DumpStats (const AZ::ConsoleCommandContainer &arguments)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AZ::Component
 Component ()
virtual ~Component ()
EntityGetEntity () const
EntityId GetEntityId () const
NamedEntityId GetNamedEntityId () const
ComponentId GetId () const
virtual TypeId GetUnderlyingComponentType () const
void SetId (const ComponentId &id)
virtual void SetSerializedIdentifier (AZStd::string serializedIdentifer)
virtual AZStd::string GetSerializedIdentifier () const
virtual ComponentValidationResult ValidateComponentRequirements (const ImmutableEntityVector &, const AZStd::unordered_set< AZ::Crc32 > &) const
bool SetConfiguration (const AZ::ComponentConfig &config)
bool GetConfiguration (AZ::ComponentConfig &outConfig) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void Reflect (ReflectContext *context)
static void GetProvidedServices (ComponentDescriptor::DependencyArrayType &provided)
static void GetIncompatibleServices (ComponentDescriptor::DependencyArrayType &incompatible)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AZ::Component
virtual void Init ()
virtual bool ReadInConfig (const ComponentConfig *baseConfig)
virtual bool WriteOutConfig (ComponentConfig *outBaseConfig) const
void SetEntity (Entity *entity)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AZ::Component
 Reference to the entity that owns the component. The value is null if the component is not attached to an entity.
ComponentId m_id
 A component ID that is unique for an entity. This component ID is not unique across all entities.

Detailed Description

This is scheduled event queue class to run all scheduled events at appropriate intervals.

Member Function Documentation

void AZ::EventSchedulerSystemComponent::Activate ( )

AZ::Component overrides.

Implements AZ::Component.

ScheduledEventHandle* AZ::EventSchedulerSystemComponent::AddEvent ( ScheduledEvent scheduledEvent,
TimeMs  durationMs 

IEventScheduler interface

void AZ::EventSchedulerSystemComponent::Deactivate ( )

Deactivates the component. The system calls this function when the owning entity is being deactivated. You must override this function. As a best practice, ensure that this function returns the component to a minimal footprint. The order of deactivation is the reverse of activation, so your component is deactivated before the components it depends on.

The system always calls the component's Deactivate() function before destroying the component. However, deactivation is not always followed by the destruction of the component. An entity and its components can be deactivated and reactivated without being destroyed. Ensure that your Deactivate() implementation can handle this scenario.

Implements AZ::Component.

AZStd::size_t AZ::EventSchedulerSystemComponent::GetHandleCount ( ) const
void AZ::EventSchedulerSystemComponent::OnTick ( float  deltaTime,
AZ::ScriptTimePoint  time 

AZ::TickBus::Handler overrides.

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