Open 3D Engine AzCore API Reference  22.10.0
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AZ::Name Member List

This is the complete list of members for AZ::Name, including all inherited members.

AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR(Name, AZ::SystemAllocator, 0) (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Name
AZ_TYPE_INFO(Name, "{3D2B920C-9EFD-40D5-AAE0-DF131C3D4931}") (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Name
FromStringLiteral(AZStd::string_view name, NameDictionary *nameDictionary)AZ::Namestatic
GetCStr() const (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Name
GetHash() constAZ::Nameinline
GetStringView() constAZ::Name
Hash typedef (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Name
IsEmpty() const (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Name
Name() (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Name
Name(const Name &name) (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Name
Name(Name &&name) (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Name
Name(AZStd::string_view name)AZ::Nameexplicit
Name(AZStd::string_view name, NameDictionary &nameDictionary) (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Name
Name(Hash hash)AZ::Nameexplicit
Name(Hash hash, NameDictionary &nameDictionary)AZ::Name
Name(NameRef name)AZ::Name
operator!=(const Name &other) const (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Nameinline
operator!=(const NameRef &other) const (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Nameinline
operator< (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Namefriend
operator<= (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Namefriend
operator=(const Name &) (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Name
operator=(Name &&) (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Name
operator=(AZStd::string_view name)AZ::Name
operator==(const Name &other) const (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Nameinline
operator==(const NameRef &other) const (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Nameinline
operator> (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Namefriend
operator>= (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Namefriend
Reflect(AZ::ReflectContext *context) (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Namestatic
~Name() (defined in AZ::Name)AZ::Name