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AZ::ScheduledEvent Class Reference

#include <ScheduledEvent.h>

Public Member Functions

 ScheduledEvent ()=default
 Default constructor only for AZStd::deque compatibility.
 ScheduledEvent (const AZStd::function< void()> &callback, const Name &eventName)
void Enqueue (TimeMs durationMs, bool autoRequeue=false)
void Requeue ()
 Requeue this scheduled event so that it triggers again.
void Requeue (TimeMs durationMs)
void RemoveFromQueue ()
 Disable auto re-queue and clear handle not to run this event.
bool IsScheduled () const
bool GetAutoRequeue () const
TimeMs TimeInQueueMs () const
TimeMs RemainingTimeInQueueMs () const
TimeMs GetIntervalMs () const
const NameGetEventName () const


class ScheduledEventHandle
class EventSchedulerSystemComponent

Detailed Description

The ScheduledEvent class is used to run a registered callback function at a specified execution time. Total time duration between queuing and the scheduled event triggering is not guaranteed, and will at least be quantized to frametime. This event can trigger continuously at the specified interval in ms if set with the auto-re-queue function. This event should be declared as a member of class, not in a local function as it will not trigger if it goes out of scope.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScheduledEvent()

AZ::ScheduledEvent::ScheduledEvent ( const AZStd::function< void()> &  callback,
const Name eventName 

Constructor of ScheduledEvent class.

callbacka call back function to be executed when the event triggers
eventNamename of the scheduled event for easier debugging

Member Function Documentation

◆ Enqueue()

void AZ::ScheduledEvent::Enqueue ( TimeMs  durationMs,
bool  autoRequeue = false 

Enqueue this event with the IEventScheduler.

durationMsthe number of milliseconds to wait before triggering this scheduled event
autoRequeuetrue for running this event infinitely, false for running once

◆ GetAutoRequeue()

bool AZ::ScheduledEvent::GetAutoRequeue ( ) const

Returns whether or not auto-requeue is enabled.

true for auto re-queued, false for not auto re-queued

◆ GetEventName()

const Name& AZ::ScheduledEvent::GetEventName ( ) const

Returns the name of this scheduled event.

the name of this scheduled event

◆ GetIntervalMs()

TimeMs AZ::ScheduledEvent::GetIntervalMs ( ) const

Returns the duration this event was initially scheduled with.

TimeMs provided during event scheduling

◆ IsScheduled()

bool AZ::ScheduledEvent::IsScheduled ( ) const

Gets whether or not this scheduled event is currently scheduled for execution.

true if the scheduled event is registered with the IEventScheduler

◆ RemainingTimeInQueueMs()

TimeMs AZ::ScheduledEvent::RemainingTimeInQueueMs ( ) const

Gets the remaining time (Ms) before this event is scheduled to be triggered.

TimeMs before this event will be triggered

◆ Requeue()

void AZ::ScheduledEvent::Requeue ( TimeMs  durationMs)

ReQueue this event with a new delay.

durationMsthe number of milliseconds to wait before triggering this scheduled event

◆ TimeInQueueMs()

TimeMs AZ::ScheduledEvent::TimeInQueueMs ( ) const

Gets the elapsed time (Ms) from when this event was inserted.

TimeMs since this scheduled event was last scheduled

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