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AZStd::fixed_vector< T, Capacity > Class Template Reference

#include <fixed_vector.h>

Public Types

using value_type = typename base_type::value_type
using difference_type = typename base_type::difference_type
using pointer = typename base_type::pointer
using const_pointer = typename base_type::const_pointer
using reference = typename base_type::reference
using const_reference = typename base_type::const_reference
using iterator = typename base_type::pointer
using const_iterator = typename base_type::const_pointer
using size_type = size_t
using reverse_iterator = AZStd::reverse_iterator< iterator >
using const_reverse_iterator = AZStd::reverse_iterator< const_iterator >
using node_type = value_type

Public Member Functions

 fixed_vector (size_type numElements, const_reference value=value_type())
template<class InputIt , typename = AZStd::enable_if_t<input_iterator<InputIt>>>
 fixed_vector (InputIt first, InputIt last)
 fixed_vector (const fixed_vector &rhs)
 fixed_vector (fixed_vector &&rhs)
template<class R , class = enable_if_t<Internal::container_compatible_range<R, value_type>>>
 fixed_vector (from_range_t, R &&rg)
 fixed_vector (AZStd::initializer_list< value_type > ilist)
fixed_vectoroperator= (const fixed_vector &rhs)
fixed_vectoroperator= (fixed_vector &&rhs)
template<typename R >
AZStd::enable_if_t<!AZStd::is_same_v< AZStd::remove_cvref_t< R >, fixed_vector >, fixed_vector > & operator= (R &&rhs)
iterator begin ()
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator cbegin () const
iterator end ()
const_iterator end () const
const_iterator cend () const
reverse_iterator rbegin ()
const_reverse_iterator rbegin () const
const_reverse_iterator crbegin () const
reverse_iterator rend ()
const_reverse_iterator rend () const
const_reverse_iterator crend () const
template<class R >
auto append_range (R &&rg) -> enable_if_t< Internal::container_compatible_range< R, T >>
size_type size () const noexcept
void resize (size_type newSize)
void resize (size_type newSize, const_reference value)
void reserve (size_type newCapacity)
void shrink_to_fit ()
reference at (size_type position)
const_reference at (size_type position) const
reference operator[] (size_type position)
const_reference operator[] (size_type position) const
reference front ()
const_reference front () const
reference back ()
const_reference back () const
void push_back (const_reference value)
void assign (size_type numElements, const_reference value)
template<class InputIt , typename = AZStd::enable_if_t<input_iterator<InputIt>>>
void assign (InputIt first, InputIt last)
void assign (AZStd::initializer_list< value_type > ilist)
template<typename R >
auto assign_range (R &&rg) -> enable_if_t< Internal::container_compatible_range< R, value_type >>
template<typename... Args, typename = AZStd::enable_if_t<is_constructible_v<T, Args...>>>
iterator emplace (const_iterator insertPos, Args &&... args)
iterator insert (const_iterator insertPos, const_reference value)
iterator insert (const_iterator insertPos, value_type &&value)
void insert (const_iterator insertPos, size_type numElements, const_reference value)
template<class InputIt >
auto insert (const_iterator insertPos, InputIt first, InputIt last) -> enable_if_t< input_iterator< InputIt >, iterator >
template<class R >
auto insert_range (const_iterator insertPos, R &&rg) -> enable_if_t< Internal::container_compatible_range< R, value_type >, iterator >
iterator insert (const_iterator insertPos, initializer_list< value_type > ilist)
iterator erase (const_iterator elementIter)
iterator erase (const_iterator first, const_iterator last)
void clear ()
void swap (fixed_vector &rhs)
bool validate () const
int validate_iterator (const_iterator iter) const
void leak_and_reset ()

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr size_type capacity () noexcept
static constexpr size_type max_size () noexcept

Detailed Description

template<class T, AZStd::size_t Capacity>
class AZStd::fixed_vector< T, Capacity >

This is the fixed capacity version of the AZStd::vector. All of the functionality is the same except we do not have allocator and never allocate memory. We can not change the capacity, it is set at compile time. leak_and_reset function just does the reset part, no destructor is called.

Although big parts of the code is the same with vector, we do have separate implementation. This class is made to be constexpr friendly - That being said it requires C++20 support in order to allow constexpr in methods which invokes placement new and non-trivial destructors Check the fixed_vector AZStdExamples.

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