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AZ::IO::LocalFileIO Class Reference

Inherits FileIOBase.

Public Member Functions

 AZ_RTTI (LocalFileIO, "{87A8D32B-F695-4105-9A4D-D99BE15DFD50}", FileIOBase)
 AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR (LocalFileIO, SystemAllocator, 0)
Result Open (const char *filePath, OpenMode mode, HandleType &fileHandle) override
Result Close (HandleType fileHandle) override
Result Tell (HandleType fileHandle, AZ::u64 &offset) override
Result Seek (HandleType fileHandle, AZ::s64 offset, SeekType type) override
Result Size (HandleType fileHandle, AZ::u64 &size) override
Result Read (HandleType fileHandle, void *buffer, AZ::u64 size, bool failOnFewerThanSizeBytesRead=false, AZ::u64 *bytesRead=nullptr) override
Result Write (HandleType fileHandle, const void *buffer, AZ::u64 size, AZ::u64 *bytesWritten=nullptr) override
Result Flush (HandleType fileHandle) override
bool Eof (HandleType fileHandle) override
AZ::u64 ModificationTime (HandleType fileHandle) override
bool Exists (const char *filePath) override
Result Size (const char *filePath, AZ::u64 &size) override
AZ::u64 ModificationTime (const char *filePath) override
bool IsDirectory (const char *filePath) override
bool IsReadOnly (const char *filePath) override
Result CreatePath (const char *filePath) override
Result DestroyPath (const char *filePath) override
Result Remove (const char *filePath) override
Result Copy (const char *sourceFilePath, const char *destinationFilePath) override
Result Rename (const char *originalFilePath, const char *newFilePath) override
Result FindFiles (const char *filePath, const char *filter, FindFilesCallbackType callback) override
void SetAlias (const char *alias, const char *path) override
void ClearAlias (const char *alias) override
const char * GetAlias (const char *alias) const override
void SetDeprecatedAlias (AZStd::string_view oldAlias, AZStd::string_view newAlias) override
AZStd::optional< AZ::u64 > ConvertToAlias (char *inOutBuffer, AZ::u64 bufferLength) const override
bool ConvertToAlias (AZ::IO::FixedMaxPath &convertedPath, const AZ::IO::PathView &path) const override
bool ResolvePath (const char *path, char *resolvedPath, AZ::u64 resolvedPathSize) const override
bool ResolvePath (AZ::IO::FixedMaxPath &resolvedPath, const AZ::IO::PathView &path) const override
bool ReplaceAlias (AZ::IO::FixedMaxPath &replacedAliasPath, const AZ::IO::PathView &path) const override
bool GetFilename (HandleType fileHandle, char *filename, AZ::u64 filenameSize) const override
bool ConvertToAbsolutePath (const char *path, char *absolutePath, AZ::u64 maxLength) const

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