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AzNetworking::DatarateMetrics Class Reference

used to track datarate related metrics for a given connection with respect to time. More...

#include <ConnectionMetrics.h>

Public Member Functions

 DatarateMetrics (AZ::TimeMs maxSampleTimeMs)
void LogPacket (uint32_t byteCount, AZ::TimeMs currentTimeMs)
void LogPacketLost ()
 Invoked whenever a packet has determined to be lost.
float GetBytesPerSecond () const
float GetLossRatePercent () const

Detailed Description

used to track datarate related metrics for a given connection with respect to time.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DatarateMetrics()

AzNetworking::DatarateMetrics::DatarateMetrics ( AZ::TimeMs  maxSampleTimeMs)


maxSampleTimeMsthe period of time in milliseconds to attempt to smooth datarate over

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBytesPerSecond()

float AzNetworking::DatarateMetrics::GetBytesPerSecond ( ) const

Retrieve a sample of the datarate being incurred by this connection in bytes per second.

datarate for traffic sent to or from the connection in bytes per second

◆ GetLossRatePercent()

float AzNetworking::DatarateMetrics::GetLossRatePercent ( ) const

Returns the estimated packet loss rate as a percentage of packets.

the estimated percentage loss rate

◆ LogPacket()

void AzNetworking::DatarateMetrics::LogPacket ( uint32_t  byteCount,
AZ::TimeMs  currentTimeMs 

Invoked whenever traffic is handled by the connection this instance is responsible for.

byteCountnumber of bytes sent through the connection
currentTimeMscurrent process time in milliseconds

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