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AzNetworking::TcpPacketHeader Class Referencefinal

packet header class. More...

#include <TcpPacketHeader.h>

Inherits AzNetworking::IPacketHeader.

Public Member Functions

 AZ_RTTI (TcpPacketHeader, "{6D92B9BE-C5E4-4571-B0FA-8F29042BE93B}", IPacketHeader)
 TcpPacketHeader (PacketType packetType, uint16_t packetSize)
PacketType GetPacketType () const override
 IPacketHeader interface.
PacketId GetPacketId () const override
bool IsPacketFlagSet (PacketFlag flag) const override
void SetPacketFlag (PacketFlag flag, bool value) override
 Sets the specified packet flag for this packet.
uint16_t GetPacketSize () const
bool Serialize (ISerializer &serializer)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AzNetworking::IPacketHeader
 AZ_TYPE_INFO (IPacketHeader, "{90A0EFE3-01A4-4F04-87CF-E98E94D49648}")

Detailed Description

packet header class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TcpPacketHeader()

AzNetworking::TcpPacketHeader::TcpPacketHeader ( PacketType  packetType,
uint16_t  packetSize 

Construct with a packet type and size.

packetTypetype of packet
packetSizesize of the packet in bytes, not including header size

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetPacketId()

PacketId AzNetworking::TcpPacketHeader::GetPacketId ( ) const

Returns the packet id.


Implements AzNetworking::IPacketHeader.

◆ GetPacketSize()

uint16_t AzNetworking::TcpPacketHeader::GetPacketSize ( ) const

Gets the size of the packet being received.

size of the packet in bytes, not including header size

◆ IsPacketFlagSet()

bool AzNetworking::TcpPacketHeader::IsPacketFlagSet ( PacketFlag  flag) const

Returns if the specified packet flag is set for this packet.

true if the flag is set for this packet

Implements AzNetworking::IPacketHeader.

◆ Serialize()

bool AzNetworking::TcpPacketHeader::Serialize ( ISerializer serializer)

Base serialize method for all serializable structures or classes to implement.

serializerISerializer instance to use for serialization
boolean true for success, false for serialization failure

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