Open 3D Engine AzQtComponents API Reference  22.10.0
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AzQtComponents::FilteredSearchWidget Class Reference

Inherits QFrame.


struct  Config

Public Slots

virtual void ClearTypeFilter ()
virtual void SetFilterStateByIndex (int index, bool enabled)
void SetFilterState (int index, bool enabled)
void readSettings (QSettings &settings, const QString &widgetName)
void writeSettings (QSettings &settings, const QString &widgetName)


void TextFilterChanged (const QString &activeTextFilter)
void TypeFilterChanged (const SearchTypeFilterList &activeTypeFilters)
void placeholderTextChanged (const QString &placeholderText)
void textFilterFillsWidthChanged (bool fillsWidth)

Public Member Functions

 FilteredSearchWidget (QWidget *parent=nullptr, bool willUseOwnSelector=false)
void SetTypeFilterVisible (bool visible)
void SetTypeFilters (const SearchTypeFilterList &typeFilters)
void AddTypeFilter (const SearchTypeFilter &typeFilter)
void SetupOwnSelector (SearchTypeSelector *selector)
void AddTypeFilter (const QString &category, const QString &displayName, const QVariant &metadata={}, int globalFilterValue=-1, FilterCriteriaButton::ExtraButtonType type=FilterCriteriaButton::ExtraButtonType::None, const QString &extraIconFileName={})
void SetTextFilterVisible (bool visible)
void SetTextFilter (const QString &textFilter)
void ClearTextFilter ()
void AddWidgetToSearchWidget (QWidget *w)
void SetFilteredParentVisible (bool visible)
void setEnabledFiltersVisible (bool visible)
void SetFilterState (const QString &category, const QString &displayName, bool enabled)
void SetFilterInputInterval (AZStd::chrono::milliseconds milliseconds)
QString placeholderText () const
void setPlaceholderText (const QString &placeholderText)
QString textFilter () const
bool hasStringFilter () const
bool textFilterFillsWidth () const
void setTextFilterFillsWidth (bool fillsWidth)
void clearLabelText ()
void setLabelText (const QString &newLabelText)
QString labelText () const
QToolButton * assetTypeSelectorButton () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Config loadConfig (QSettings &settings)
static Config defaultConfig ()
static QString GetBackgroundColor ()
static QString GetSeparatorColor ()

Protected Member Functions

void emitTypeFilterChanged ()
QLineEdit * filterLineEdit () const
QToolButton * filterTypePushButton () const
SearchTypeSelectorfilterTypeSelector () const
const SearchTypeFilterList & typeFilters () const
virtual FilterCriteriaButtoncreateCriteriaButton (const SearchTypeFilter &filter, int filterIndex)
virtual void SetupPaintDelegates ()
 AZ_PUSH_DISABLE_WARNING (4127 4251, "-Wunknown-warning-option") SearchTypeFilterList m_typeFilters
 AZ_PUSH_DISABLE_WARNING (4251, "-Wunknown-warning-option") QMap< int

Protected Attributes

AZ_POP_DISABLE_WARNING FlowLayoutm_flowLayout
Ui::FilteredSearchWidget * m_ui
AZ_POP_DISABLE_WARNING bool m_textFilterFillsWidth
bool m_displayEnabledFilters


QString placeholderText
QString textFilter
bool textFilterFillsWidth


class Style

Member Function Documentation

◆ defaultConfig()

static Config AzQtComponents::FilteredSearchWidget::defaultConfig ( )

Returns default button config data.

◆ loadConfig()

static Config AzQtComponents::FilteredSearchWidget::loadConfig ( QSettings &  settings)

Loads the button config data from a settings object.

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