Open 3D Engine AzQtComponents API Reference  2205.0
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AzQtComponents::SearchTypeSelector Class Reference

Inherits QMenu.


void TypeToggled (int id, bool enabled)

Public Member Functions

 SearchTypeSelector (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
QTreeView * GetTree ()
void Setup (const SearchTypeFilterList &searchTypes)
int fixedWidth () const
void setFixedWidth (int newFixedWidth)
int heightEstimatePadding () const
void setHeightEstimatePadding (int newHeightEstimatePadding)
bool lineEditSearchVisible () const
void setLineEditSearchVisible (bool visible)
int searchLayoutMargin () const
void setSearchLayoutMargin (int newMargin)
const QString & GetFilterString () const

Protected Member Functions

void estimateTableHeight (int numCategories, int numItems)
virtual bool filterItemOut (const QModelIndex &sourceIndex, bool filteredByBase)
virtual void initItem (QStandardItem *item, const SearchTypeFilter &filter, int unfilteredDataIndex)
int getUnfilteredDataIndex (QStandardItem *item)
virtual int GetNumFixedItems ()
void showEvent (QShowEvent *e) override
void RepopulateDataModel (const SearchTypeFilterList &unfilteredData)
void maximizeGeometryToFitScreen ()

Protected Attributes

SearchTypeSelectorTreeView * m_tree
QStandardItemModel * m_model
QString m_filterString
bool m_settingUp = false
int m_fixedWidth = 256
QLineEdit * m_searchField = nullptr
QBoxLayout * m_searchLayout = nullptr
int m_estimatedTableHeight = 0
int m_estimatedTableWidth = 256
int m_heightEstimatePadding = 10
int m_searchLayoutMargin = 4
bool m_lineEditSearchVisible = true


int fixedWidth
int heightEstimatePadding
bool lineEditSearchVisible
int searchLayoutMargin


class SearchTypeSelectorFilterModel

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