Open 3D Engine AzQtComponents API Reference  22.10.0
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AzQtComponents::internal::SpinBoxLineEdit Class Reference

#include <SpinBox.h>

Inherits QLineEdit.


void globalUndoTriggered ()
void globalRedoTriggered ()
void selectAllTriggered ()
void cutTriggered ()
void copyTriggered ()
void pasteTriggered ()
void deleteTriggered ()

Public Member Functions

 SpinBoxLineEdit (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
bool event (QEvent *ev) override
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *ev) override
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *event) override
bool overrideUndoRedo () const

Detailed Description

Internal class to add support to undo and redo for SpinBox classes. Must not be used outside of the SpinBox classes.

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