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AzQtComponents::TabWidget::Config Struct Reference

Style configuration for tab widgets. More...

#include <TabWidget.h>

Public Attributes

QPixmap tearIcon
 The icon shown on the left side of a tab to show it can be dragged. Must be an svg image.
int tearIconLeftPadding
 Padding between the tear icon and the left side of the tab, in pixels.
int tabHeight
 Height of a tab, in pixels.
int minimumTabWidth
 Minimum size of tabs when shrunk, in pixels.
int closeButtonSize
 Size of the close button, both width and height, in pixels.
int textRightPadding
 Padding between the tab text and the close button, in pixels.
int closeButtonRightPadding
 Padding between the close button and the right side of the tab, in pixels.
int closeButtonMinTabWidth
 Width threshold below which the close button is not shown, in pixels.
int toolTipTabWidthThreshold
 Width threshold below which a tooltip is displayed, in pixels.
bool showOverflowMenu
 Whether an overflow dropdown menu listing the tabs should be displayed on resize.
int overflowSpacing
 Spacing between the overflow button and the other buttons when the tabs are shrunk, in pixels.

Detailed Description

Style configuration for tab widgets.

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