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AZ::RHI::ScopeProducer Class Referenceabstract

Inherited by AZ::RHI::ScopeProducerEmpty, AZ::RHI::ScopeProducerFunction< UserData, PrepareFunction, CompileFunction, ExecuteFunction >, AZ::RPI::ImageAttachmentCopy, AZ::RPI::ImageAttachmentPreviewPass, and AZ::RPI::RenderPass.

Public Member Functions

 ScopeProducer (const ScopeId &scopeId)
const ScopeId & GetScopeId () const
const ScopeGetScope () const

Protected Member Functions

 ScopeProducer ()
void SetHardwareQueueClass (HardwareQueueClass hardwareQueueClass)
void SetScopeId (const ScopeId &scopeId)
void InitScope (const ScopeId &scopeId, HardwareQueueClass hardwareQueueClass=HardwareQueueClass::Graphics)


class FrameScheduler

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScopeProducer()

AZ::RHI::ScopeProducer::ScopeProducer ( )

Protected default constructor for classes that inherit from ScopeProducer but that can't supply a ScopeId at construction.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetScope()

const Scope* AZ::RHI::ScopeProducer::GetScope ( ) const

Returns the scope associated with this scope producer.

◆ GetScopeId()

const ScopeId& AZ::RHI::ScopeProducer::GetScopeId ( ) const

Returns the scope id associated with this scope producer.

◆ InitScope()

void AZ::RHI::ScopeProducer::InitScope ( const ScopeId &  scopeId,
HardwareQueueClass  hardwareQueueClass = HardwareQueueClass::Graphics 

Initializes the scope with a ScopeId and HardwareQueueClass. Used by classes that inherit from ScopeProducer but can't supply a ScopeId at construction.

◆ SetHardwareQueueClass()

void AZ::RHI::ScopeProducer::SetHardwareQueueClass ( HardwareQueueClass  hardwareQueueClass)

Sets the HardwareQueueClass on the scope

◆ SetScopeId()

void AZ::RHI::ScopeProducer::SetScopeId ( const ScopeId &  scopeId)


Use InitScope instead

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