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AZ::RPI::ShaderSystem Class Reference

#include <ShaderSystem.h>

Inherits AZ::RPI::ShaderSystemInterface.

Public Member Functions

 AZ_TYPE_INFO (ShaderSystem, "{F57DB8D9-0701-4C96-92DB-A8E07DEA09A6}")
void Init ()
void Shutdown ()
void SetGlobalShaderOption (const AZ::Name &shaderOptionName, ShaderOptionValue value) override
 Set a global shader option value that can be used by any shader with a matching shader option name.
ShaderOptionValue GetGlobalShaderOption (const AZ::Name &shaderOptionName) override
 Return the value of a global shader option, or Null if the value is not set.
const GlobalShaderOptionMap & GetGlobalShaderOptions () const override
 Returns the collection of all global shader options and their values.
void Connect (GlobalShaderOptionUpdatedEvent::Handler &handler) override
 Connect a handler for GlobalShaderOptionUpdatedEvent's.
void SetSupervariantName (const AZ::Name &supervariantName) override
const AZ::Name & GetSupervariantName () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from AZ::RPI::ShaderSystemInterface
 AZ_RTTI (ShaderSystemInterface, "{D14E323A-2240-46DA-9126-6746D10A93F1}")
 AZ_DISABLE_COPY_MOVE (ShaderSystemInterface)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Reflect (AZ::ReflectContext *context)
static void GetAssetHandlers (AssetHandlerPtrList &assetHandlers)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AZ::RPI::ShaderSystemInterface
static ShaderSystemInterfaceGet ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AZ::RPI::ShaderSystemInterface
using GlobalShaderOptionUpdatedEvent = Event< const AZ::Name &, ShaderOptionValue >
using GlobalShaderOptionMap = AZStd::unordered_map< Name, ShaderOptionValue >

Detailed Description

Manages system-wide initialization and support for shader classes

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetSupervariantName()

void AZ::RPI::ShaderSystem::SetSupervariantName ( const AZ::Name &  supervariantName)

The ShaderSystem supervariantName is used by the ShaderAsset to search for an additional supervariant permutation. This is done by appending the supervariantName set here to the user-specified supervariant name. Currently this is used for NoMSAA supervariant support.

Implements AZ::RPI::ShaderSystemInterface.

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