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AZ::RHI::DispatchItem Struct Reference

#include <DispatchItem.h>

Public Attributes

DispatchArguments m_arguments
 Arguments specific to a dispatch type.
uint8_t m_shaderResourceGroupCount = 0
 The number of shader resource groups and inline constants in each array.
uint8_t m_rootConstantSize = 0
const PipelineStatem_pipelineState = nullptr
 The pipeline state to bind.
AZStd::array< const ShaderResourceGroup *, Limits::Pipeline::ShaderResourceGroupCountMax > m_shaderResourceGroups = {}
 Array of shader resource groups to bind (count must match m_shaderResourceGroupCount).
const ShaderResourceGroupm_uniqueShaderResourceGroup = nullptr
 Unique SRG, not shared within the draw packet. This is usually a per-draw SRG, populated with the shader variant fallback key.
const uint8_t * m_rootConstants = nullptr
 Inline constants data.

Detailed Description

Encapsulates all the necessary information for doing a dispatch call. This includes all common arguments for the different dispatch type, plus arguments that are specific to a type.

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