Open 3D Engine AWSClientAuth Gem API Reference  2205.0
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AWSClientAuth::AuthenticationTokens Class Reference

Used to share authentication tokens to caller and to AWSCognitoAuthorizationController. More...

#include <AuthenticationTokens.h>

Public Member Functions

 AZ_TYPE_INFO (AuthenticationTokens, "{F965D1B2-9DE3-4900-B44B-E58D9F083ACB}")
 AuthenticationTokens (const AuthenticationTokens &other)
 AuthenticationTokens (const AZStd::string &accessToken, const AZStd::string &refreshToken, const AZStd::string &openIdToken, const ProviderNameEnum &providerName, int tokensExpireTimeSeconds)
bool AreTokensValid () const
AZStd::string GetOpenIdToken () const
AZStd::string GetAccessToken () const
AZStd::string GetRefreshToken () const
ProviderNameEnum GetProviderName () const
int GetTokensExpireTimeSeconds () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void Reflect (AZ::ReflectContext *context)

Detailed Description

Used to share authentication tokens to caller and to AWSCognitoAuthorizationController.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AreTokensValid()

bool AWSClientAuth::AuthenticationTokens::AreTokensValid ( ) const

Compares current time stamp to expired time stamp.

True if current TS less than expiry TS.

◆ GetAccessToken()

AZStd::string AWSClientAuth::AuthenticationTokens::GetAccessToken ( ) const
Access token from authentication.

◆ GetOpenIdToken()

AZStd::string AWSClientAuth::AuthenticationTokens::GetOpenIdToken ( ) const
Open id token from authentication.

◆ GetProviderName()

ProviderNameEnum AWSClientAuth::AuthenticationTokens::GetProviderName ( ) const
Provide name for the tokens.

◆ GetRefreshToken()

AZStd::string AWSClientAuth::AuthenticationTokens::GetRefreshToken ( ) const
Refresh token from authentication.

◆ GetTokensExpireTimeSeconds()

int AWSClientAuth::AuthenticationTokens::GetTokensExpireTimeSeconds ( ) const
Expiration time in seconds.

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