Open 3D Engine Multiplayer Gem API Reference  22.10.0
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 NAZStdAZStd::hash support
 Chash< Multiplayer::ConstNetworkEntityHandle >
 Chash< Multiplayer::NetworkEntityHandle >
 CConstNetworkEntityHandleThis class provides a wrapping around handle ids. It is optimized to avoid using the hashmap lookup unless the hashmap has had an item removed
 CEntityReplicationManagerHandles replication of relevant entities for one connection
 CIEntityDomainA class that determines if an entity should belong to a particular INetworkEntityManager
 CIFilterEntityManagerIFilterEntityManager provides an interface for filtering entities out from replication down to clients
 CIMultiplayerIMultiplayer provides insight into the Multiplayer session and its Agents
 CIMultiplayerAuditingDatumIMultiplayerAuditingDatum provides an interface for datums of a given auditing event
 CIMultiplayerDebugIMultiplayerDebug provides access to multiplayer debug overlays
 CIMultiplayerSpawnerIMultiplayerSpawner routes spawning requests for connecting players from the Muliplayer Gem to game logic utilizing it
 CIMultiplayerToolsIMultiplayerTools provides interfacing between the Editor and Multiplayer Gem
 CINetworkEntityManagerThe interface for managing all networked entities
 CINetworkSpawnableLibraryThe interface for managing network spawnables
 CINetworkTimeThis is an AZ::Interface<> for managing multiplayer specific time related operations
 CMultiplayerAgentDatumPayload detailing aspects of a Connection other services may be interested in
 CMultiplayerAuditingDatum< AZStd::string >
 CMultiplayerAuditingDatum< bool >
 CMultiplayerAuditingElementMultiplayerAuditingElement contains a list of datums for a given auditing event
 CMultiplayerControllerA base class for all multiplayer component controllers responsible for running local prediction logic
 CNetBindComponentComponent that provides net-binding to a networked entity
 CNetworkEntityRpcMessageRemote procedure call data
 CNetworkEntityUpdateMessageProperty replication packet
 CNetworkHierarchyChildComponentComponent that declares network dependency on the parent of this entity
 CNetworkHierarchyRootComponentComponent that declares the top level entity of a network hierarchy
 CNetworkInputA single networked client input command
 CNetworkInputArrayAn array of network inputs. Used to mitigate loss of input packets on the server. Compresses subsequent elements
 CNetworkInputHistoryA list of input commands, used for bookkeeping on the client
 CNetworkInputMigrationVectorA variable sized array of input commands, used specifically when migrate a clients inputs
 CNetworkRigidBodyRequestsBus for requests to the network rigid body component
 CPrefabEntityIdStructure for identifying a specific entity within a spawnable
 CRewindableArrayData structure that has a compile-time upper bound, provides array semantics and supports network serialization
 CRewindableFixedVectorData structure that has a compile-time upper bound, provides vector semantics and supports network serialization
 CRewindableObjectA simple serializable data container that keeps a history of previous values, and can fetch those old values on request
 CScopedAlterTimeThis is a wrapper that temporarily adjusts global program time for backward reconciliation purposes