Console variables (CVARs) can be used to set various editor and runtime options in O3DE.

O3DE ships with many in-built CVARs including extensive debugging CVARs .

Working with CVARs

You can define your own CVARs in code using the CVAR macro functions .

You can invoke CVARs in the Editor via the console or in a launcher using the debug viewport console

You can also pass CVARs on the command line when launching O3DE binaries via --{cvar name} {value} or --{cvar name}={value}. For example, ServerLauncher.exe --sv_somebool=true.

Common CVAR prefixes

O3DE prefers to use the following prefixes for certain groups of CVARs:

bg_Both Games, for common CVARs that can be used on both client and server.
cl_For client only CVARs.
ed_For editor only CVARs.
net_For low-level networking CVARs.
r_For rendering related CVARs.
s_For sound related CVARs
sv_For server only CVARs.