Asset Processor Configuration

You can modify the engine settings registry file for Asset Processor in Registry/AssetProcessorPlatformConfig.setreg to perform the following tasks:

  • Add new source asset types for Asset Processor.

  • Update existing file type rules.

  • Update the ignore list.

  • Add or remove target platforms.

    Asset Processor automatically builds assets for the host platform. For example, if Asset Processor is running on Windows, Asset Processor builds Windows assets even if pc is not enabled in the .setreg file.
  • Add scan directories for Asset Processor.

  • Set the number of process jobs.

  • Specify metafile fingerprinting, that is, which files trigger related files to be rebuilt.

The Registry/AssetProcessorPlatformConfig.setreg is well commented and has many syntax examples for the available configuration options. To add project-specific overrides, you can add an AssetProcessorGamePlatformConfig.setreg file to your projects’s Registry directory. This file is read after the engine AssetProcessorGamePlatformConfig.setreg configuration file and can have additional project-specific settings for the ignore list, platforms, and file types.