PostFX Gradient Weight Modifier Component

The PostFX Gradient Weight Modifier component modifies the blending weight of post-processing effects (PostFX) by using another entity’s gradient signal as a masking operation.


Atom Gem


PostFX Layer component

Gradient Sampler properties

PostFX Gradient Weight Modifier base properties

Gradient Entity IdA reference to a separate entity that provides a gradient.Entity referenceEmpty
OpacityControls the opacity of the provided gradient.0.0 to 1.00.0
To do:

A GitHub issue has been created for this task here.


In this example, there are two entities: ShaderBall and GradientSignalProvider. The ShaderBall entity’s PostFX Gradient Weight Modifier component references the GradientSignalProvider entity in its Gradient Entity Id property. The weight of the PostFX depends on the gradient that GradientSignalProvider inputs.

For more information on gradient signal providers, refer to the list of Gradient components and Gradient Signal Gem .

Using PostFX Gradient Weight Modifier example

Using PostFX Gradient Weight Modifier example

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