Terrain Layer Spawner Component

The Terrain Layer Spawner component spawns a terrain layer within given bounds, and enables the ordering of multiple layers.


The priority is controlled by first assigning a layer, either Foregound(Highest priority) or Background, and then by using the Priority setting, with a higher number being a higher priority. You can configure the dimensions of the layer by modifying the Axis Aligned Box Shape component on the same entity.


Terrain Gem


The Axis-Aligned Box Shape component is required for the Terrain Layer Spawner to operate.


Terrain Layer Spawner component properties

Layer PriorityThe priority of the spawner. Foreground has a higher priority than Background.Foreground or BackgroundForeground
Sub PrioritySets the priority of this spawner within the layer. Higher numbers will override lower.0 - 100000
Use Ground PlaneEnable this setting to provide a default ground plane where no terrain is defined.BooleanTrue


Use the following request functions with the TerrainSpawnerRequestBus EBus interface to communicate with Terrain Layer Spawner components of your game.

Request NameDescriptionParameterReturnScriptable
GetPriorityReturns the Layer Priority and Sub Priority of the Terrain Layer Spawner.NoneLayer Priority: Integer; Sub Priority: IntegerNo
GetUseGroundPlaneReturns the value of Use Ground Plane.NoneBooleanNo