Terrain Surface Gradient List Component

The Terrain Surface Gradient List component defines mappings between a gradient and a surface type on a terrain layer. When you assign a gradient to a surface, the gradient defines the strength of that surface in the displayed terrain. For example, you can assign a gradient to a rocky surface to make parts of it appear through a grassy region.


You select a gradient either by dragging an entity containing a gradient component to the GradientEntity field, or by clicking . Once a gradient is assigned, you can select the surface type that this gradient represents, by using the Surface Tag pull-down menu. You can configure the dimensions and priority of the layer using the required Terrain Layer Spawner .


Terrain Gem


Terrain Layer Spawner


Terrain Surface Gradient List component properties

Gradient to Surface MappingsAn array of gradient entities and surface tags to map together.
GradientEntityThe gradient entity to assign to this layer.Gradient EntityNone
Surface TagSets the surface type that this gradient represents.Surface Tag(unassigned)


Use the following request functions with the TerrainAreaSurfaceRequestBus EBus interface to communicate with Surface Gradient List components of your game.

Request NameDescriptionParameterReturnScriptable
GetSurfaceWeightsReturns all of the surfaces that are assigned to this component, along with the gradient’s weight value at a specific position.Position: Vector3Surface Weights: Surface Tag Weight MapNo