UI Canvas on Mesh Component

With the UI Canvas on Mesh component, you can place a UI canvas on a component entity in the 3D world that a player can interact with via ray casts. Use this component in conjunction with the UI Canvas Asset Ref component.

For more information about how to use the UI Canvas Asset Ref component, see Placing UI Canvases in the 3D World .

UI Canvas on Mesh Component Properties

The UI Canvas on Mesh component has the following properties:

Render target override For simple cases, you can leave this property blank. The UI canvas specifies a render target, and that render target can be used as a texture for the material on the 3D mesh. You can use the Render target override property when you want to load two unique instances of the same UI canvas that the user can set to different states. Assigning this property to an attachment image asset overrides the Render to Texture value of the loaded instance of the UI Canvas.

Two entities load a unique instance of the same canvas