Vegetation Altitude Filter Component

Add the Vegetation Altitude Filter component to limit vegetation or blocker instance placement to a specific height range.


Vegetation Gem


Add one of the following required components when using the Vegetation Altitude Filter component:

Vegetation Altitude Filter properties

Vegetation Altitude Filter component properties

Filter StageDefines if filters are applied before or after modifiers.PreProcess, PostProcess, or DefaultDefault
Allow Per-Item OverridesIf Enabled, vegetation descriptor properties that are enabled can override this component’s properties.BooleanDisabled
Pin To Shape Entity IdIf an entity with a Shape component is selected, the shape’s bounds will override the Altitude Min and Altitude Max properties of this component.EntityIdNone
Altitude MinSets the minimum altitude for vegetation instance placement.Float: -Infinity to Infinity0.0
Altitude MaxSets the maximum altitude for vegetation instance placement.Float: -Infinity to Infinity128.0


Use the following request functions with the SurfaceAltitudeFilterRequestBus EBus interface to communicate with Vegetation Altitude Filter components in your game.

Method NameDescriptionParameterReturnScriptable
GetAllowOverridesReturns the configuration of the Allow Per-Item Overrides property.NoneBooleanYes
GetAltitudeMaxReturns the value of the Altitude Max property.NoneFloatYes
GetAltitudeMinReturns the value of the Altitude Min property.NoneFloatYes
GetShapeEntityIdReturns the Pin To Shape Entity Id property of an altitude filter.NoneEntityIdYes
SetAllowOverridesSets the configuration of the Allow Per-Item Overrides property.BooleanNoneYes
SetAltitudeMaxSets the Altitude Max property.FloatNoneYes
SetAltitudeMinSets the Altitude Min property.FloatNoneYes
SetShapeEntityIdSets the Pin To Shape Entity Id property of an altitude filter.EntityIdNoneYes

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