O3DE Editor

To learn various aspects of Open 3D Engine’s (O3DE) Editor, refer to the following topics.

Viewport Interaction ModelLearn how to work in Perspective in O3DE Editor with the viewport interaction model.
Camera spaceLearn to use the camera space manipulator.
ConsoleIn the O3DE Console, you can see output from commands and processes and enter commands to set options and features for your project.
Console variables (CVARs)Learn to use console commands and CVARs.
Customizing O3DE EditorLearn to customize the O3DE Editor workspace layout and preferences.
Editor automationAutomate tasks in O3DE Editor with Python.
Entity InspectorAdd and configure an entity’s components in Entity Inspector.
Custom entity iconsAdd custom icons for the entities in your project.
Pin the Entity InspectorPin the Entity Inspector to view and edit the components of multiple entities.
Entity statusSet the active status on entities.
Entity OutlinerUse Entity Outliner to view, select, and organize the entities in your level.
Working with entitiesWorking with entities in Entity Outliner.