Terrain Gem

The Terrain Gem is an experimental terrain system. Use the terrain system to create, manipulate, render, and simulate a terrain surface.


The Terrain Gem has the following key features:

  • Maps height, color, and surface data to regions of the world.
  • Provides gradient-based and shape-based authoring tools and workflows to create and manipulate the terrain data.
  • Exposes a queryable API that is usable by both simulation and rendering.
  • Renders an efficient, high-quality terrain visualization across the view distance.
  • Integrates with physics to provide a “physical” simulation of the terrain in the virtual world.

Enabling the Terrain Gem

To enable the Terrain Gem, do the following:

  1. Use Project Manager or the command line to add the Terrain Gem to your project.
  2. Build your project using Project Manager, Visual Studio, or CMake.


Terrain Physics ColliderProvides terrain data to a physics collider in the form of a heightfield and surface to material mapping.
Terrain Layer SpawnerSpawns a terrain region contained within configurable bounds, and allows prioritization of overlapping terrain layers.
Terrain Height Gradient ListProvides terrain height data from a list of gradients.
Terrain Surface Material ListDefines mappings between a surface type and a render material.
Terrain Surface Gradient ListDefines mappings between a gradient and a surface type on a terrain layer.
Terrain Macro MaterialProvides a macro level method of defining the appearance of a region of terrain.