Cloth visual debugger

Debug visualization of the NVIDIA Cloth component

To enable debug cloth visualization, use the following console variables (CVARs) in the editor console.

cloth_DebugDraw <value> Draw the cloth mesh wireframe. 0: Disable wireframe display. 1: Enable wireframe display.

cloth_DebugDrawNormals <value> Draw the cloth mesh normals. 0: Disable normals display. 1: Enable normals display. 2: Enable normals, tangents and bitangents display.

cloth_DebugDrawColliders <value> Draw the cloth colliders. 0: Disable collider display. 1: Enable collider display.

cloth_DebugDrawMotionConstraints <value> Draw the cloth motion constraints. 0: Disable motion constraint display. 1: Enable motion constraint display.

cloth_DebugDrawBackstop <value> Draw the cloth backstop. 0: Disable backstop display. 1: Enable backstop display.

cloth_DistanceToTeleport <meters> The amount of meters the entity has to move in a frame to consider it a teleport for cloth.

cloth_SecondsToDelaySimulationOnActorSpawned <seconds> The amount of time in seconds the cloth simulation will be delayed to avoid sudden impulses when actors are spawned.