UI Animation Editor

You can use animation sequences to animate UI elements in your game’s UI. A UI canvas can contain many named animation sequences.

The UI Animation Editor has the following features:

  • Menu - Operations for creating new animation sequences and switching between the Track Editor and Curve Editor.
  • Toolbar - Tools for the editing and playback of animations. The Curve Editor displays an additional toolbar at the top of the pane.
  • Node pane - Area for showing the active sequence and all of the elements that it is animating. A track for each animated property appears underneath the related element.
  • Editor pane - Area for either the Track Editor, the Curve Editor, or both.

To show the Animation Editor if it is not already visible

  • From the UI Editor menu, choose View, Animation Editor.

UI Animation Window

To create an animation sequence, you first create a new sequence, assign one or more UI elements to it, and then record changes you make to the UI element(s)-this becomes the animation sequence. You can then edit the animation sequence(s) using the Animation Editor. These processes are described in greater detail in the following sections.

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