Open 3D Engine uses an abstracted interface layer, the AzNetworking framework, to provide access to OS-level networking interfaces. This layer provides access to features like network compression, encryption, and reliable UDP packets.

For a quick introduction to the O3DE network layer and Multiplayer Gem, watch the video below.

Section topics

Packet structureInformation on the packet structure used for TCP and UDP packets by Az::Networking, and how to manage fragmented UDP packets.
Auto-packetsInformation on how packets sent and received via Az::Networking can be generated via XML.
UDP Encryption with DTLSHow to use the Open 3D Engine support for secure UDP connections over Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS).
Network SettingsSettings to control the behavior of Networking. Multiplayer, Clients and Servers.
Az::Networking framework API referenceThe complete C++ API reference for the AzNetworking framework.
Multiplayer GemThe O3DE Multiplayer Gem offers code extensions and components to synchronize O3DE components and entities across a network, giving you tools to make a multiplayer game.
Multiplayer Compression GemAn example Gem showing how to implement network compression.
Your First Network ComponentTutorial for creating a network-enabled component.