Troubleshooting O3DE Project Configuration

This topic will help you identify and resolve some common issues that you might encounter during project configuration. If you don’t find your problem covered here, try searching our forums or asking in the O3DE Discord .

If you believe your configuration problem is due to a bug in O3DE, check existing bug reports and file an issue if you can!

Looking for error logs or memory dumps? Refer to Open 3D Engine Log Files for locations.

Tips for adding and removing Gems

  • When you register a new Gem to your project, the path to the Gem’s directory is added in your project’s project.json configuration file under external_subdirectories.

  • To check if a Gem is enabled for your project, you can find the list of enabled Gems in your project folder in the Code/enabled_gems.cmake file.

CMake error: Not an existing directory

Issue: CMake cannot find the directory of the specified Gem. When adding external Gems to your project, you must register the Gem’s directory to your project. This enables your project to find the Gem. This issue may occur if the Gem’s directory location has changed.

Remedy: Check that the correct path of the Gem is registered to your project. You can find the paths to a registered Gem in your project’s project.json configuration file under external_subdirectories. If necessary, update the Gem’s directory path, or clean up any obsolete paths.

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