Project Creation with Open 3D Engine

Now that you’ve set up Open 3D Engine (O3DE) , you’re ready to create your first O3DE project. Projects define and configure the set of code and assets that make up your game or other application. Projects need a project directory, which you can create anywhere that’s convenient to you—within the O3DE directory itself, somewhere else on your computer, or even on a network drive.

You can create a project using either the GUI-based Project Manager tool or the command line interface (CLI). The topics in this section introduce you to creating O3DE projects using either of these options.

Creating Projects Using Project ManagerLearn how to create new projects from a project template using the O3DE Project Manager. Choose this tutorial if you prefer using a GUI and have already installed or built the engine.
Creating Projects Using the CLILearn how to create new projects from a project template using the CLI. Choose this tutorial if you’re using the source engine build type and haven’t yet built the engine.

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