Open source,
real-time 3D


Easier team collaboration, artist workflows & multiplayer setup, increased terrain performance, new rendering features


Open up — Level up

Create AAA games and high-fidelity simulations

Developed with cutting-edge, real-time graphics and complex interactions in mind, O3DE allows you to create robust, engaging experiences using our:

  • Multi-threaded and extensible photorealistic renderer
  • Extensible and visual 3D content editor
  • Data-driven character animation system
  • Real-time physics engine
  • High-performance networking layer
  • Access to our growing open source community

Built for extensibility

O3DE's modular architecture is built for customization from day one. Each component—known as a Gem—can be adopted separately, giving you access to the specific functionality needed for your application.

Add new editing tools, features, and development workflows to your projects. Choose from a variety of community-maintained Gems to extend and enhance the engine's capabilities in anything from AI and robotics to push notifications and VR.

With our engine's SDK capabilities, you can use O3DE as a foundation for any type of 3D project you can imagine.

Integrate with your favorite cloud services

O3DE's Gem system provides integrations and support for cloud services, enabling you to extend the functionality of your simulations and experiences. Choose from existing backend cloud modules, or create your own gems with custom capabilities to bring the power of your favorite cloud services to your projects.

Our Community

O3DE is built by the community in conjunction with dedicated members, including the following organizations.

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