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O3DE is developed through contributions made by its expert community. We’d love to have you join us, too! Here’s how you can get started.

Get Involved

Interested in contributing to O3DE? We’re always looking for developers, technical writers, and content creators. There are additional ways to contribute in advocacy, program management, community management, and more.

Contribute to Code

O3DE is developed based on the strength of its expert community. We'd love to have you contribute, too! Read our guidance on contributing to O3DE.

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Open 3D Engine is a diverse and inclusive community that emphasizes collaboration, respect, and transparency. We want everyone who contributes to feel welcome and treated with the professionalism they expect.

We hope that everyone who contributes their time, energy, and knowledge to O3DE has a great experience.

Join a Special Interest Group

O3DE is a very large project. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are the way we divide up the planning and communication for the different areas and responsibilities around developing and maintaining O3DE. Review the list below, and join the ones that map the best to your interests and experience.

Currently, we have the following active SIGs:

SIGs are the way work gets done in an open-source community. Choose the SIGs for your areas of interest and join us!

Contribution Guidelines

Before you start participating in and contributing to O3DE, review our code of conduct . Contributing guidelines for our projects are hosted in their GitHub repositories, within the root directory in a file.

Visit the Contributor Guide for Open 3D Engine for all the details about contributing to code or documentation, including GitHub workflows, coding standards, and documentation style standards.


Check out the SIG Roadmaps for the latest news about what we’re working on! Participate in discussions, develop new features or resolve some issues, and influence the overall direction of O3DE.

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